Our Services


The Environmental Factor has four core areas of operations, each with a range of key subject areas.

Development project approvals and monitoring

As our towns and cities grow we continually need to develop infrastructure and construct supporting facilities to match. It’s important that all these projects balance commercial, environmental and social considerations to ensure none come at a cost to future generations, and can operate smoothly within the communities they serve. This is known as Ecologically Sustainable Development, or ESD. 

We offer: 

  • Peer review of documentation and expert guidance on projects 
  • Carry out field surveys and establish monitoring requirements 
  • Undertake comprehensive environmental impact assessments 
  • Design project approval and stakeholder engagement pathways 
  • Complete pre-clearance and compliance surveys and inspections to help our clients meet their legislative obligations 

    Ecological, social and economic assessment of a mountain bike trail network in a sensitive ecological area

    Tyrolean Mountain Bike Trail Network Upgrade and Expansion – Statement of Environmental Effects, Constraints Summary and Biodiversity Development Assessment Report 

    Investigation of environmental, heritage and social factors for bridge upgrades

    Review of Environmental Factors, Ecological Assessment and Aboriginal Due Diligence and Historic Heritage Assessment for Three Bridge Upgrades in the Region of Capertee, NSW  

    Environmental, heritage and social considerations for a major rural road upgrade

    Review of Environmental Factors, Ecological Assessment and Aboriginal Due Diligence and Historic Heritage Assessment for Three Bridge Upgrades in the Region of Capertee, NSW

    Helping clients access environmental project funding opportunities and build their projects 

    The Environmental Factor values the importance of ongoing environmental restoration projects across the landscape in both rural and urban settings.

    We have helped councils, farmers and landholders to not only access grants for environmental projects, but also to use our project management experience and a range of contacts/contractors to complete these projects.

    Re-establishing native vegetation, rehabilitating waterways and stabilising drainage lines are our core areas of interest.

    Biodiversity and Climate Change 

    Biodiversity conservation and carbon offsetting schemes create opportunities for landholders to generate income through offering carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation initiatives which are then available for purchase by companies, governments or individuals wishing to offset the impacts of ecological and climate impacts. 

    TEF are experienced in completing feasibility and detailed ecological assessments for such projects, helping landholders evaluate options for entry into conservation and restoration-based stewardship projects or carbon trading schemes, providing drought-proof income and conservation opportunities to land managers. The TEF team can provide guidance in determining how land biodiversity and carbon credit values can be improved, as well as helping assess options for marketing offsets or initiation and ongoing management of Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements. 


      Since our inception, TEF has been involved in a range of water, waste water and recycled or reclaimed water projects across NSW. We believe that all Australians are entitled to clean, healthy drinking water, adequate sewage management and healthy landscapes supported by thriving waterways and wetland environments. 

      We have assisted regional and metropolitan local government authorities to undertake assessments for their municipal water and waste water projects, including assessment and development of appropriate Water Quality Objectives, assisting with Licensing requirements for extraction and discharges, completed regulatory authority consultation processes and participated in water quality risk assessments in a range of contexts and environments. 

      TEF is a proud member of the Australian Water Association, and our Director Emily Cotterill is a NSW Regional Water Champion for 2022. As a team, protection of water resources and provision of quality, modern water management services for all Australians and environments is a high priority for every project.